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Sharon Bousquet Streaming Live at Chez Wray

Chez Wray - Online Concerts by Sharon Bousquet, Arden, DE

Streaming online concert with singer-songwriter Sharon Bousquet. All are welcome! Acoustic pop, folk, fingerstyle guitar instrumentals, a capella, originals and covers. for tips, tickets ($5-25 for all shows and singing warm ups appreciated, all are welcome!) and CD sales ($10 digital, $15 jewel cases, includes shipping to you). for the live streamed show. XO

Food Truck Wednesdays! Live Music by Sharon Bousquet

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Arden Pool, outside the Gild Hall, The Highway, Arden, Wilmington, DE

Outdoor, distanced weekly event hosted by the Arden Pool for the Arden Community to gather safely, enjoy live music in the open air and feast on some fine food truck fare. For the Arden community, families are welcome. Event begins at 4pm, music starts at 6.

Sharon Bousquet in Concert on ZOOM - join us on Facebook or ZOOM

Sharon will bring her original music and refreshing covers played as if her own to the "airwaves" of the internet via the Zoom and/or FB Live video platforms. Join us for this second Quarantine Concert with Sharon Bousquet is where the ticket box/virtual tip jar lives to contribute to the livelihood of this heartful artist.

The Singing Body Warm Up with Sharon Bousquet or and click the "singing body" tab in the menu. This is a weekly warm up for those who have taken The Singing Body Seminar with Sharon Bousquet - a twenty to thirty minute movement, sound and breath workout for your voice, self-expression and presence. All are welcome! I will live stream via FB live, or stream a Zoom class to the Facebook page. is my virtual ticket box/ tip jar for the $2-$10 contribution to keeping the lights on here at Love Buzz Music during self-quarantine when I - and many other players - have had performances and other work cancel as venues have closed. Your support is appreciated!

Following this show, I will take a quick organizational break and play a concert at 7pm. Please join in! XO

The Singing Body Vocal Warm Up with Sharon Bousquet

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Virtual - Online vocal warm up on Facebook

Let's get together virtually through either Zoom - I will share the link here and on my personal page - or via FB live right here on the Singing Body page, to do the warm up. The Singing Body Seminar is a class that I have taught for close to 30 years that combines singing, breath work, yoga and movements that integrate the brain (Educational Kinesiology, or E-K), along with information about your body-mind-spirit connection and our choices around self-expression and singing. The warm up is usually done with those who have already taken the seminar. If you are interested in learning this incredible system by taking the Singing Body Seminar with me virtually, drop a line and I will be in touch: Otherwise, you can pop in on this warm up session - approx 20 minutes of warming up that will close with a song - and get a taste. I have set up a nominal contribution for the warm up via, my virtual tip jar/ticket box, of $2-$10 per warm up. Your call, with my thanks for helping to create income streams during this crazy quarantine time.

You can read about the Singing Body system on this FB page or at my website: and tap the Singing Body tab at the top.

See you Saturday morning! If this goes well, there will be weekly options to warm up together and very likely a Virtual Singing Body Seminar coming up soon.


Sharon Love Buzz Music Wilmington, DE

Sharon Bousquet plays Online - In Concert

Online concert

Details soon. Due to loss of performance income due to Covid 19 and closed venues everywhere, we will put on concerts and FB live events in the coming weeks/months to build community and share the love.