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Holy Wow, Batman - 2019?
January is flying with a strong tail wind into the Love Month, and I am still shaking the holiday sparkles out of my ears.
Cliches: I joined the gym. 
I'm taking a class to ferret out some tenacious old beliefs that wreck havoc on my heart and wallet.
All for one purpose: more happy and satisfied, please!

Duo-mate/Accompanist Sought  

After 3 years working solo on this side of the country, I am tired of myself. Recent opportunities to play and sing with other musicians helped me realize this desired spark to ignite my 2019. My ad goes something like: "Pro-level players sought. A singing multi-instrumentalist is great, but not required. Keys. Guitars. Sax. Oboe. Cello. Fretless bass. Percussion. All have worked well with this music in a duo setting. Please sing well, and live in the Newark, DE/Wilmington/Elkton, MD areas."
If you know anyone - women encouraged! - send them my way. 

SisterSpace Nominates Sharon Bousquet for the Inaugural Virginia Giordano Memorial Fund

Here is what Jo-Ann McIntyre, SisterSpace Board President, shared with us about Virginia and the fund: 
"Virginia was one of the most prolific producers of women's music. She shaped the women's music movement in NYC and beyond. Her influence on local and national artists and the music scene was incalculable. Since her untimely passing in 2014, there has been a wish to create a foundation or fund that would help to continue her work and honor her legacy. We are finally able to bring that dream to fruition in conjunction with the Virginia Giordano Memorial Fund and SisterSpace Weekend Women's Festival. 

The goal of the Fund, especially from here on out, is to support up and coming artists and those who play more intimate spaces, by giving them performance and networking opportunities. We have selected you in the hopes that you will help us represent and honor this amazing woman who gave so much of herself to helping artists and their careers throughout the years. In return, we ask that you pay it forward by suggesting other artists for future nominations and by helping to spread the word about the Fund. Together we can form a base for an eventual community and network of artists who will carry on her legacy and keep continuing to help each other up."

I am grateful and so appreciative of Virginia's work over many years, of SisterSpace for providing women-only spaces that create community, offering women opportunities for sharing our complex and fruitful lives with one another. Thank you!!

East Coast Shows
Those in the Wilmington/Newark DE area, I play first and second Sundays monthly at the Center for Spiritual Living Delaware (.com) where I serve as the Music Director. If you consider yourself spiritual rather than religious, you may find yourself at home with us.  If Spirit-mindedness isn't your thing,  click on the "shows" tab to see the  calendar. Taking a break from a full performing calendar and the booking beast has been good for my clarity. I'm excited to return to more music, more of the time. 

My strongest intention for Late Fall/Winter 2019 is to return to Western Europe. I am called - continually called - to return across the water and play. Note to self: get a new passport! Once a songwriter tastes the way the Dutch listen and ask insightful, startling questions about your lyrics... the wholly enthralled appreciation for songwriters that runs through the entire region from Germany to Holland, England to Ireland and Wales....well. That seed has grown. More on this soon!

New Biz Address Coming Soon
Love Buzz Music has moved to Elkton, MD. We are 10 minutes to the college town of Newark, DE and 7 minutes to the historical town of Elkton, MD, yet this is country. There are goats, a horse, some cats and a dog or two. The four-leggeds bring us lots of laughter, except the frisky and always-hungry pygmy goat Laverne who, if I'm honest, scares me a bit. She's got horns on that there mischievous head and isn't afraid to wield them! Wide berth duly noted. We are close to my work at CSL Delaware in Wilmington, and close to my mom and sister. Ch-ch-ch-changes... life is good.

Photos and Lyrics
Per your request, 2019 will find Sharon's photographs and song lyrics with a new address at sb.com. Now, to carve out the time and create those pages. Thank you for your interest in art in all it's forms.

Thought of the Day: 
If the reason that we want what we want is because we think we'll be happier in the having of them, why not go straight to happy? 

If you need something that isnt on the new site yet (like more video or press) Click the pic for my Reverbnation page.

If you need something that isnt on the new site yet (like more video or press) Click the pic for my Reverbnation page.

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